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"It's nice here. You've done enough. " I want to stay here for a while. " "But you do not get home until after ten." I'll take the bus. "

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"You probably will. I probably hit you back, anyway. " No, I do not think you could.

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She blew her nose. " "I could never do that." Be Clark Gable and hit me a little bit and bring me to my senses. "

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"Just another lady genius working her way through college." I worked himself to death, because God knows that I took too many classes this semester ...

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I was not just tired, I was overwhelmed and disorganized. "You're too good, dear. "Are you tired." Cry when I had a stroke in the car fit here. "

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You are so weird. And, brother, I'll help! But you have to admit that they have spoiled the hell out of you. I know you do not like all your fussy old aunts and uncles so much.

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